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The Issues At Hand

Lake View


As Newark USD continues to experience financial difficulties, there is no clear voice to challenge questionable decisions, or provide oversight. Elisa will challenge the status quo and work to develop the needed processes to drive discipline in the justification and approval of new investments.

Transparency and Collaboration

The public has had little opportunity for two way engagement with the current board. At board meetings speakers are only allowed 3 minutes to make comments, and the board seldom responds to the public’s inquiries, which has created a culture of top down decision making, with little or no accountability. Elisa will create a collaborative culture through hosting regular “town hall” style meetings to listen to public comments, to genuinely hear concerns prior to acting on the public’s behalf.

School Bus & Children


Make it so!  Bay Area school districts are on the forefront of STEAM science, technology, math, art curriculums. While some of our district schools have made advancements into these areas, there is still a need for a district wide program, with clear timelines and funding to roll out these learning experiences to all children. Elisa is also excited about exploring opportunities to partner with local academic and business organizations to expand activities and funding for Newark’s students.

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